Welcome to Mathematics & Computer Science

Mathematics and computer science are disciplines central to both the liberal arts curriculum and to research endeavors in the natural and social sciences. The combined department at Emory offers educational programs and supports research activities that explore the interrelations among mathematics, computer science, and the physical and life sciences, and that advance traditional areas of scholarship within each discipline.

The department's undergraduate program offers nine Bachelors degrees, three special tracks, and four minors. The graduate program offers three Ph.D. and four M.S. tracks.

Upcoming Seminars
02/10/2016: Finding the hidden symmetries of Nature (Maria Clara Nucci, University of Perugia)
02/12/2016: Space-time methods for optimal control models in pedestrian dynamics (Dr. Monika Wolfmayr, Johann Radon Institute for Computational and Applied Mathematics (RICAM), Linz, Austria)
02/16/2016: Hodge Theory on Matroids (Eric Katz, University of Waterloo)
03/15/2016: Algebra Seminar (Jean-Louis Colliot-Thelene, Université Paris-Sud)
03/18/2016: Algebra Seminar (Drew Sutherland, MIT)
03/24/2016: Hasse principle for Hermitian spaces (Zhengyao Wu, Emory University)
03/29/2016: Zeta polynomials for modular form periods (Ken Ono, Emory University)
03/31/2016: R-equivalence and norm principles in algebraic groups (Nivedita Bhaskhar, Emory University)
04/05/2016: Topics in Elliptic Curves: Images of Galois and Selmer groups (Jackson Morrow, Emory University)
Department news
Vigfusson receives NSF CAREER Award
Ymir Vigfusson, Assistant Professor of Computer Science, has received the department's first ever NSF CAREER grant for his project "SentientCache: Rethinking … more
Emory Math-Physics Theorem Named 50th Top Story of 2015 in Science by Discover Magazine
Emory Professors John Duncan and Ken Ono, together with Ono’s former Emory Ph.D. student Michael Griffin (now faculty at Princeton), have been recognized … more
Ken Ono named the 2017-2018 Distinguished George Polya Lecturer by the Mathematical Association of America
The MAA appoints a new Pólya Lecturer every year, whose primary responsibility is presenting talks at MAA section meetings. Each appointee serves a term … more