Visa information

Ramification in Algebra and Geometry

16-20 May 2011

Emory University

Atlanta, GA

It is the responsibility of individual participants to check their potential visa needs for entering the US.

Reimbursement for travel expenses can generally only be made to participants in one of the following categories:

For reimbursement purposes: permanent residents will need their green card; B and F visa holders will need thier I-94 form (in particular, Canadian citizens will need to ask for an I-94 form at the border); J visa holders will need their I-94 form as well as their "pink sheet" and a letter from the responsible officer; Visa Waiver Program users will need their I-94W form (if one is received) or their ESTA number.

Reimbursement generally cannot be made to H, O, or TN visa holders.

Currently, 36 countries participate in the Visa Waiver Program. If you intend to enter the US on the VWP, then you will need to submit an ESTA application online at least 72 hours before traveling. Each ESTA application costs $14 and is valid for VWP travel within 2 years. You are reminded that the US authorities require a passport to be valid for six months beyond the date on entry even if your intended stay is shorter.