Scientific Computing Seminar

Meetings of the Scientific Computing Group will be held once a week, 2:00–3:00 in N302. The meetings will usually be on Friday, but occasionally we will meet at other times. For specifics, see the schedule below.

Some food (e.g., pizza) will occasionally be provided, and participants are welcome to bring their own lunch to other meetings. Entertainment will normally consist of a seminar talk.

First year graduate students and undergraduates interested in scientific computing are welcome to attend. (A presentation is not required.)

For more information contact Jim Nagy, Lars Ruthotto, Alessandro Veneziani, or Yuanzhe Xi.

Fall 2018 Schedule


  • 31. Meet and greet + Faculty research highlights I


  • 7. Faculty research highlights II + group photo
  • 14. Sofia Guzzetti and Alessandro Barone
  • 21. Chang Meng
  • 28. Ru Huang




Archived Schedules