Department Administration

Faculty Administrative Positions
  • Department Chair
    Phone: 404-727-5926, E-mail:, Office: E420
    Department administration, budgets, faculty hiring, planning
  • Director Of Undergraduate Studies
    Phone: 404-727-7963, E-mail:, Office: E424
    Course offerings and schedules, advisors and advising, student concerns, overloads, Director of Technical Infrastructure
  • Co-Director of Undergraduate Studies
    Phone: 404-727-4528, E-mail:, Office: W404
    Student advisement, plans course schedules, manages TAs for Math 107 and Math 112, coordinator of Syllabus Committee, Undergraduate Research Advisor, EUMMA faculty advisor
  • Director of Graduate Studies
    Phone: 404-727-4993, E-mail:, Office: W417
    Math graduate program administration, recruiting, advising, student concerns
  • Director of Graduate Studies in Computer Science and Informatics
    Phone: 404-727-7962, E-mail:, Office: Emerson 500
    CS graduate program administration, recruiting, advising, and course planning
Staff Administrative Positions
  • Terry Ingram
    Academic Degree Coordinator (Graduate)
    Phone: 404-727-6114, E-mail:, Office: W436
    Office Hours: M-F 8:00am - 4:30pm
    Provides administrative support for department graduate program. Receives graduate applications; keeps graduate records and transcripts. Processes all graduate student reimbursements and travel expenses; oversees stipends. Updates graduate brochure and handbook. Handles graduate student registration and orders course textbooks. Collects data for OARS/OFARS reports. Assists with post-doctoral and visitor visa applications.
  • Erin Nagle
    Assistant Program Director
    Phone: 404-727-0560, E-mail:, Office: E418
    Office Hours: M-F 9:30am - 6:00pm
    Academic and Operations management.
  • Kristen Schroeder
    Phone: 727-9633, E-mail:, Office: W435
    Processes faculty reimbursements and makes department purchases. Liaise with FSC, Payment and Procurement Services, and OGCA. Oversees departmental short-term visitors and seminar budget. Acts as contact for financial-related department matters.
  • Clare Sterling
    Academic Services Coordinator (Undergraduate)
    Phone: 727-7579, E-mail:, Office: W401
    Acts as coordinator for the department's undergraduate program, including: class scheduling, communicating policy to students, ordering class textbooks, receiving declaration of majors and minors, and processing special enrollment requests.
Technical Staff
  • Edgar Leon
    IT Manager
    Phone: 404-727-2867, E-mail:, Office: N428
    Office Hours: M-F 10:45am - 7:15pm
    Provides support for Storage, Backups, Linux and Solaris servers, LDAP and Accounts. Handles the Maintenance Contracts and CS Purchasing. Works with servers, workstations, networks, AV equipment and software. Works on Clusters, Virtualization and Operating System stability problems.
  • Thomas Jackson
    Lead OS Analyst/Developer
    Phone: 404-727-7501, E-mail:, Office: N432
    Provides support on High Performance Computing, IT Architecture, Databases & middleware, and Mathematical applications.
  • Aarron Lee
    Computing Support Specialist
    Phone: 404-727-5609, E-mail:, Office: N434
    Provides teaching and research support. Installs hardware and software. Maintains the audiovisual equipment in the classrooms. Manages the Linux computer lab.