Assured Information Management and Sharing (AIMS)

Department of Mathematics and Computer Science
Emory University

Research Statement
Enabling secure and interoperable information sharing is key to addressing critical issues as diverse as healthcare and national security. The AIMS research group conducts research in the intersection of data management and information privacy and security aimed at developing models and techniques for enhancing privacy, confidentiality, trust, interoperability, and scalability of distributed information systems.

Current Projects
SHARE: Statistical Health Information Release with Differential Privacy (NIH R01)
Building Patient-Centered Privacy Preserving Data Registries (PCORI)
Decentralized differentially-private methods for dynamic data release and analysis (NIH R01 subcontrast with UCSD)
Spatiotemporal Privacy for Location Based Applications (NSF SaTC)
Next Generation Frameworks for Secure DDDAS/Infosymbiotics Systems (AFOSR DDDAS)

Selected Past Projects
Adaptive Differentially Private Data Release (NSF SaTC)
I-Corps: iCloak: Privacy Preserving Individual Location Sharing (NSF I-Corps)
Extending Differential Privacy for Privacy Preserving Location Sharing (Google Research Award)
PREDICT: PRivacy Enhancing Dynamic Information Collection and moniToring (AFOSR DDDAS)
HIDE™: Health Information DE-identification (Woodrow Wilson Foundation)
Enabling Privacy for Data Federation Services (Cisco Research Award)
FRIL: Fine-grained Record Integration and Linkage (CDC) 

We acknolwedge the generous support by NSF, AFOSR, NIH, and PCORI, Google Research Award, Woodrow Wilson Foundation, Cisco research award, IBM Faculty Innovation Award, and various support from Emory University (Math/CS, College, URC, and CCI).

Any opinions, findings, and conclusions or recommendations expressed in the project material are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of the sponsors.