Graduate classes, Spring 2008, Computer Science

CS 526: AlgorithmsCredits: 4− Description− Sections
Content: This course is a graduate level introduction to the design and analysis of algorithms. Although we will review some undergraduate level material, we will instead emphasize reading and experimentation at a level appropriate for the initiation of research. This course will have both theoretical and practical content. As course highlights, students will be expected to implement and analyze the performance of a fundamental data structure, starting with a close reading of the original research paper.
Particulars: There will be about six regular homework assignments, including both written and programming components, counting for at least half of the grade. There will be a take-home mid-term exam and a take-home final exam. The examinations will emphasize both analysis and reading.
Prerequisites: CS 224 and CS 253.
000MSC: W303MWF 2:00pm - 2:50pmMichelangelo Grigni
CS 558: NetworkingCredits: 4− Description− Sections
Content: Principles of computer networking and data communications, physical transmission, data link control, network and transport layer protocols, application protocols, standards.
Particulars: Available to undergraduates with consent of instructor.
Prerequisites: CS351.
000MSC: W303TuTh 10:00am - 11:15amShun Yan Cheung
CS 570: Data MiningCredits: 4− Description− Sections
Content: This course offers an introduction to data mining concepts and techniques. The goal is for the students to have a solid foundation in data mining that allows them to apply data mining techniques to real-world problems and to conduct research and development in new data mining methods. Topics include data processing, design and implementation of data warehouse and OLAP systems, data mining algorithms and methods including association analysis, classification, cluster analysis, as well as emerging applications and trends in data mining.
Particulars: Some familiarity with a programming language, such as Java or C++, is required for programming assignments and/or final project. Some knowledge about database systems and statistics will be helpful. This course is cross listed with CS 378.
000MSC: W303TuTh 11:30am - 12:45pmLi Xiong
CS 580: Operating SystemsCredits: 4− Description− Sections
Content: The structure and organization of computer operating systems. Process, memory, and I/O management; device drivers, inter-machine communication, introduction to multiprocessor systems. An important portion of the course is a course long programming project that implements a simple operating system in stages. Each stage takes about three weeks, and is used as a basis for the next stage.
Particulars: This course is cross listed with CS 452.
000MSC: E408TuTh 2:30pm - 3:45pmKen Mandelberg
CS 597R: Directed StudyCredits: 1 - 12− Description− Sections
00PFaculty (TBA)
CS 599R: Master's Thesis ResearchCredits: 1 - 12− Description− Sections
00PFaculty (TBA)
CS 700R: Graduate SeminarCredits: 1− Description− Sections
Content: This is a required course for all students in the PhD program. It comprises seminars given by faculty, invited guests, and students.
Particulars: This course is a one-credit course; the grading basis is S/U only.
000MSC: W306F 3:00pm - 3:50pmJames Lu