Graduate classes, Spring 2009, Computer Science

CS 555: Parallel ProcessingCredits: 4− Description− Sections
Content: Principles of parallel and concurrent processing. Algorithm classes including sorting, graph algorithms, matrix computations, alpha-beta search, fourier transforms, and numercial analysis. Study of parallel architectures and concurrent computing models. Assignments include programming distributed and shared memory multiprocessors, cluster systems, and analysis of performance and speedup curves.
Prerequisites: CS255, CS351.
000MSC: W301TuTh 1:00pm - 2:15pmVaidy Sunderammax 30
CS 573: Data Privacy and SecurityCredits: 4− Description− Sections
Content: Security and privacy are central concerns in managing biomedical and patient data. This course covers algorithmic techniques for preserving data security and privacy, and is a key elective in the Data and Information Management area.
Prerequisites: No formal prerequisite. Some familiarity with a high-level programming language (Java, C++) is required for the programming assignments and final project. Some knowledge with data bases and statistics will be helpful.
000MSC: W302TuTh 10:00am - 11:15amLi Xiongmax 20
CS 580: Operating SystemsCredits: 4− Description− Sections
Content: The structure and organization of computer operating systems. Process, memory, and I/O management; device drivers, inter-machine communication, introduction to multiprocessor systems. An important portion of the course is a course long programming project that implements a simple operating system in stages. Each stage takes about three weeks, and is used as a basis for the next stage.
Particulars: This course is cross listed with CS 452.
000MSC: E408TuTh 2:30pm - 3:45pmKen Mandelbergmax 16
CS 597R: Directed StudyCredits: 1 - 12− Description− Sections
00PFaculty (TBA)
CS 598R: Rotation ProjectCredits: 1 - 4− Description− Sections
CS 599R: Master's Thesis ResearchCredits: 1 - 12− Description− Sections
00PFaculty (TBA)
CS 700R: Graduate SeminarCredits: 1− Description− Sections
Content: This is a required course for all students in the PhD program. It comprises seminars given by faculty, invited guests, and students.
Particulars: This course is a one-credit course; the grading basis is S/U only.
000MSC: W301F 3:00pm - 3:50pmJames Lumax 25
CS 700R: Graduate Seminar: Open Problems in Genome InformaticsCredits: 1− Description− Sections
Content: This course will explore key problems in the analysis of genomic data. Areas of discussion will include Genome assembly and alignment, with emphasis on the challenges posed by next generation sequencing technologies, and functional element detection (gene finding, regulatory motif identification). Particular attention will be given to methods for incorporating comparative genomic (between species) and population genomic (within species) datasets. Each class will explore one area -- both historical context and current challenges and developments. All readings will be taken from primary literature, and students will be expected to read, present, and lead discussion.
Particulars: This section will be offered every other Friday.
001MSC: W301F 3:00pm - 3:50pmJames Taylormax 0
CS 720R: Topics in AlgorithmsCredits: 4− Description− Sections
Content: This is an advanced graduate course in the focus area of the Computer Science and Informatics PhD program. Coverage and syllabus will vary according to the instructor and emphasis will be on current developments in the field.
000MSC: W301MWF 12:50pm - 1:40pmOjas Parekhmax 25
CS 797R: Directed StudiesCredits: 1 - 12− Description− Sections
00PFaculty (TBA)
CS 799R: Dissertation ResearchCredits: 1 - 12− Description− Sections
00PFaculty (TBA)