Computing Lab

Computing Lab

The Math/CS Computing Lab comprises two spaces: an open lab and a teaching lab. Each space houses 32 HP workstations running Linux Ubuntu. This setup is designed to allow students to work in a modern computing environment that is similiar to many computing research and development facilities found in academic and industrial environments.

Our computing lab is located on the third floor of the Mathematics & Science Center, room E308. Undergraduates currently taking courses in the department may utilize the facilities; usage by others will be granted per request.


  1. No eating, drinking, or smoking is permitted.
  2. Patrons should be quiet, as not to disturb other patrons.
  3. Trash should go into the appropriate container.
  4. The consulting area is reserved to lab representatives only.
  5. All print-outs should be picked up promptly.
  6. Any workstation session left unattended for 10 minutes should/will be discontinued.
  7. Printing priviledges will be revoked for users that use the printing services excessively.
  8. Neither small children nor pets (nor wild animals) are allowed in the lab.

Lab Hours

  Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat
Opens 11 am9 am9 am9 am9 am9 am11 am
Closes 9 pm9 pm9 pm9 pm9 pm9 pm9 pm

Project Rooms

Group projects that require coordinated interaction while testing may secure permission to use this facility.

Department Library

Accessible from the computer laboratory is the department library, room E308C, which includes ACM journals as well as appropriate computer related reference materials for courses and projects in the department. It also contains a quiet work space for students doing analysis and planning related to their computational projects.


  1. Quiet Atmosphere
    As in any library environment, only subdued and intermittant conversation is allowed. In cases where all students in the library are working on a joint project, a calm meeting environment is allowed.

  2. Shared Workspace
    Users must be considerate of the space needs of other users. No personal articles may be left in the library for storage; such articles, if left, will be discarded.

  3. Shared Resources
    Library materials should primarily be used in the library itself. When appropriate, students may take reference materials to a workstation in the lab for brief periods. ABSOLUTELY NO materials should be removed beyond the main laboratory doors.