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Mathematics and computer science are disciplines central to both the liberal arts curriculum and to research endeavors in the natural and social sciences. The combined department at Emory offers educational programs and supports research activities that exploit the interrelations among mathematics, computer science, and the physical and life sciences, and that advance traditional areas of scholarship within each discipline.

The department offers a BA and a BS in both mathematics and computer science, a BS in applied mathematics as well as joint programs in mathematics/computer science, mathematics/economics, and mathematics/political science. The department also offers work leading to the Master of Arts (MA), Master of Science (MS), and Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) degrees in Mathematics and Computer Science.

Attention New Students

Incoming students seeking help selecting introductory Mathematics or Computer Science courses please see the following guides:
Mathematics Placement Guide  
Computer Science Placement Guide

Upcoming seminars
Tomorrow: Helioseismology from South Pole (Stuart Jefferies, University of Hawaii)
02/03/2015: Umbral Moonshine (John Duncan, Case Western Reserve University)
02/05/2015: Pencils of quadrics and the arithmetic of hyperelliptic curves (Jerry Wang, Princeton University)
02/17/2015: Looking for Structure in Real-World Networks (Blair Sullivan, Department of Computer Science North Carolina State University)
02/26/2015: Algebra Seminar (Satya Mandal, University of Kansas)
03/03/2015: Algebra Seminar (Jean-Louis Colliot-Thelene, Universite Paris-Sud)
03/17/2015: Algebra Seminar (Larry Rolen, University of Cologne)
Latest news
Dr. Alessandro Veneziani profiled in the Italian newspaper L’Eco di Bergamo
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