Ken Ono featured on Neil deGrasse Tyson's Star Talk television program
Published: 10/19/2016
Emory number theorist Ken Ono is a featured studio guest on Neil deGrass Tyson's National Geographic television program “Star Talk”. Ono appears in the show along with Bill Nye “The Science Guy”, comedian Eugene Mirman, actor Jeremy Irons, and writer Matt Brown. Enjoy a teaser from the forthcoming show in which Ono talks about pi. You can see the clip here.
The Math/CS Department is Hiring!
Published: 09/26/2016
The Department of Mathematics and Computer Science has several openings for faculty positions to begin in Fall 2017. Areas of interest include: Science Cluster Tenure Track, Science Cluster Lecture Track, and Tenure Track, Assistant Professor in Data Exploration.
Please find all position details, including how to apply, in the links. The department will be adding two additional faculty job openings in the near future.
Ethan Alwaise Wins Goldwater Scholarship
Published: 09/23/2016
The Department of Mathematics and Computer Science wish to congratulate Ethan Alwaise on winning the Goldwater Scholarship. Ethan is one of 252 recipients from a pool of 1,150 applicants for the 2016-2017 year. Ethan was unaware that he had won until he received an email from Assistant Professor David Zureick-Brown that read, "Dude, you rock!"

Read more about it here.
IceCTF 2016 Security Competition
Published: 08/24/2016
The Math&CS department is one of the sponsors of the IceCTF 2016 security competitions. It has become among the most popular online capture-the-flag contests in information security, with more than 2700 registered users solving a smorgasbord of 55+ cryptography, web vulnerabilities, reverse engineering, binary exploitation and other challenges. "This is a platform where anyone can pick up new security skills, tools and ideas, whether they are newcomers or advanced security professionals." says Prof. Vigfusson, one of the organizers of IceCTF. "It is truly exciting to see the competition grow every year, and many of the participants are telling us that they are having a great time." The competition runs from August 12-26 and is open for anyone at The scoreboard is here.
Ken Ono Profiled in Der Spiegel
Published: 07/11/2016
Ken Ono is profiled in the July 8th issue of the popular German magazine Der Spiegel. The interview involves his mathematics, his recently published autobiography with science writer Amir Aczel, and his work as a movie producer. You can read the story here.