Ken Ono named the 2017-2018 Distinguished George Polya Lecturer by the Mathematical Association of America
Published: 11/09/2015
The MAA appoints a new Pólya Lecturer every year, whose primary responsibility is presenting talks at MAA section meetings. Each appointee serves a term of two aca- demic years; the first year overlaps with the second year of the previous Pólya Lecturer. Read more about it here.
US News interviews David Borthwick about MathCS graduate programs
Published: 11/02/2015
Dr. David Borthwick interviewed by US News.

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Interdisciplinary project analyzes 'patchwriting' through math, computer science
Published: 10/14/2015
This fall, Dr. James Lu begins research on 'patchwriting'. He was selected as one of three Emory faculty research teams selected to receive the 2015 Interdisciplinary Faculty Fellowship through Emory's Graduate Institute of Liberal Arts (ILA). He also seeks to learn more about the cognitive processes involved in patchwriting - why a writer may choose certain pieces of text, for example.

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Veneziani's paper selected for 2014 "Best of Computing" List"
Published: 08/27/2015
A pioneering paper on a novel combination of FEM and spectral approaches by Alessandro Veneziani (Emory) and his collaborator Simona Perrotto (Politecnico Milano) has been selected by ACM for its 19th Annual Best of Computing -- Notable Books and Articles list.

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NSF showcases Veneziani's research
Published: 08/27/2015
Alessandro Veneziani explains how riblets on the surface of shark skin improve water penetration for breaking turbulent vortexes, and the use of this knowledge in designing Olympic swimsuits . Watch the video for details!