MathCS Seminar

Title: Finding the hidden symmetries of Nature
Seminar: Mathematical Physics
Speaker: Maria Clara Nucci of University of Perugia
Contact: Michele Benzi,
Date: 2016-02-10 at 4:00PM
Venue: W303
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Twenty years ago David J. Gross presented, at the National Academy of Sciences, a paper entitled "The role of symmetry in fundamental physics", which was later published in PNAS. I shall use that talk as a thread in order to illustrate my recent work related to the following main themes: (A) going from Classical to Quantum Mechanics by preserving Noether symmetries; (B) finding hidden linearity of maximally superintegrable systems; (C) determining Lagrangians (and Noether symmetries) for systems without Lagrangians. I shall provide several examples for each theme, including models in population dynamics and the Lorenz system in meteorology

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