Computer Science and Informatics Ph.D. Degree Recipients


  • Name: Garvey, Clarissa
    Advisor: James Nagy
    Dissertation: Truncated Singular Value Decomposition Approximation for Structured Matrices via Kronecker Product Summation Decomposition
  • Name: Xu, Tianlei
    Advisor: Zhaohui Qin and Hao Wu
    Dissertation: Statistical and Machine Learning Methods in the Studies of Epigenetics Regulation


  • Name: Chen, Li
    Advisor: Zhaohui Qin and Hao Wu
    Dissertation: Statistical and Informatics Methods for Analyzing Next Generation Sequencing Data
  • Name: Chien, Jung-Ting
    Advisor: Mary Galinski and Zhaohui Qin
    Dissertation: An application of DIKW Model in Malaria Systems Biology Study: From NGS Data to Disease Progression Insight
  • Name: Garcia Ulloa, Daniel
    Advisor: Li Xiong and Vaidy Sunderam
    Dissertation: Task Recommendation and Information Fusion in Spatial Crowdsourcing
  • Name: Jurczyk, Tomasz
    Advisor: Jinho Choi
    Dissertation: Improving Question Answering by Bridging Linguistics: Structures and Statistical Learning
  • Name: Li, Haoran
    Advisor: Li Xiong
    Dissertation: Differentially Private Data Release and Analytics
  • Name: Liu, Jinfei
    Advisor: Li Xiong
    Dissertation: Fast and Adaptive Algorithms for Skyline Computation