Mathematics and computer science are disciplines central to both the liberal arts curriculum and to research endeavors in the natural and social sciences. The combined department at Emory offers educational programs and supports research activities that explore the interrelations among mathematics, computer science, and the physical and life sciences, and that advance traditional areas of scholarship within each discipline.

The department's undergraduate program offers nine Bachelors degrees, three special tracks, and four minors. The graduate program offers three Ph.D. and four M.S. tracks.

MathCS Seminars

Infinite Sidon sets contained in sparse random sets of integers
Location: MSC W303
Speaker: Sang June Lee
2017-01-23 at 4:00PM

Vector bundles and finite covers
Location: MSC W306
Speaker: Anand Deopurkar
2017-01-31 at 4:00PM

Privacy-Preserving Inference of Social Relationships from Location Data
Location: MSC W301
Speaker: Cyrus Shahabi
2017-02-03 at 4:00PM

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