Applied Mathematics and Statistics Degrees

Degree Descriptions

The BS in Applied Mathematics and Statistics is a joint major that provides the rigor of a BS degree emphasizing topics in applied mathematics and in statistics. Suitable for students interested in employment in many data/quantitatively-oriented fields, or pursuing graduate studies in applied math, quantitative social sciences, natural sciences, or engineering.

Please note, students must meet the minimum GPA requirement of 2.0 to graduate with any major or minor from the department.

All classes counting toward the degree must be taken for a letter grade.


Bachelor of Science in Applied Mathematics and Statistics

Core Requirements
Take all courses from the following list:
Class NumberClass NameCredit Hours
QTM 110Introduction to Scientific Methods3
QTM 220Regression Analysis4
Math 111Calculus I3
Math 112Calculus II3
Math 211Multivariable Calculus3
Math 212Differential Equations3
Math 221 or
Math 321
Linear Algebra or
Abstract Vector Spaces
4 or
Math 250Foundations of Mathematics3
Math 315Numerical Analysis3
Math 361Probability and Statistics I3
Math 362Probability and Statistics II3
CS 170Intro to Computer Science I4

Elective Requirements
Choose 3 courses from the following list of QTM upper-level elective offerings, or classes that will be treated as equivalents:
Class NumberClass NameCredit Hours
QTM 315Game Theory (offered Fall 2016)3
QTM 385Intro to Applied Multivariate Statistics (offered Fall 2016)3
QTM 385Statistical Learning (offered Fall 2016)3
ENVS 250Fundamentals of Cartography & GIS(offered Fall 2016)3
QTM 329Computational Linguistics(offered Spring 2017)3
QTM 345Advanced Statistics (offered Spring 2017)3
QTM 355Intro to Time Series Analysis(offered Spring 2017)3
QTM 385Mathematics of Voting (offered Spring 2017)4
QTM 385Technical Writing (offered Spring 2017)3
QTM 491Design and Analysis of Experiments (offered Spring 2017)3
SOC 489Big/Small Data & Visualization (offered Spring 2017)4

Choose 2 Math courses from the following:
Class NumberClass NameCredit Hours
Math 330Intro to Combinatorics3
Math 345Math Modeling3
Math 346Intro to Optimization Theory3
Math 351Partial Differential Equations3
Math 352PDEs in Action3
Math 411Real Analysis I3
Math 412Real Analysis II3

Choose 1 additional course from the following:
Class NumberClass NameCredit Hours
CS 171Intro to Computer Science II3
An additional CS-classroom course at the 200-level or above (not already fulfilled in a previous category) 3-4
An additional Math-classroom course at the 300-level or above (not already fulfilled in a previous category) 3-4

Total Credit Hours Required for the Major: 54-59
(18 courses)