Economics/Mathematics BA, Political Science/Mathematics BA

Degree Descriptions

The BA in Economics/Mathematics is a well-established joint major that prepares students for math-intensive doctoral economics programs or quantitatively oriented MBA programs. It features substantial mathematics and economics coursework and a senior seminar that emphasizes topics such as modeling, optimization and game theory.
The BA in Political Science/Mathematics requires extensive courses in both disciplines, emphasizes mathematical and statistical research methods, includes electives that employ these methods and has a capstone seminar that features independent math-based research work. It is suitable preparation for quantitative doctoral programs in Political Science.
Please note, students must meet the minimum GPA requirement of 2.0 to graduate with any major or minor from the department.

All classes counting toward the degree must be taken for a letter grade. Additionally, a letter grade of "D" in a prerequisite course indicates insufficient preparation for the follow up course and we recommend that you retake the course. Major/Minor GPA will be calculated using the better of the grades when a student repeats a course.


Bachelor of Arts in Economics/Mathematics

Class NumberClass Name
Econ 101Principles of Microeconomics
Econ 112Principles of Macroeconomics
Econ 201Intermediate Microeconomics
Econ 212Intermediate Macroeconomics
Econ 220Intro to Statistical Methods
1 additional Econ course
(3 credits or more)
At the 300-level or above
Econ 420Econometrics
1 additional Econ course
(3 credits or more)
At the 400-level or above
Math 111Calculus I
Math 112Calculus II
Math 211Multivariable Calculus
Math 221Linear Algebra
Math 250Foundations of Mathematics
1 course chosen from the following:Math 212:
Differential Equations

Math 351:
Partial Differential Equations

Math 361:
Probability & Stats I

Math 411:
Real Analysis I
Math/Econ 425Mathematical Economics
CS 170Introduction to Computer Science I

Bachelor of Arts in Political Science/Mathematics

Requirements for Major
Class NumberClass Name
Pols 100National Politics/US
1 course chosen from the following:Pols 110:
Intro to International Politics

Pols 120:
Intro to Comparative Politics
1 course chosen from the following:Pols 208:
Political Science Methods

Pols 309:
Survey Research

Pols 310:
Statistical Modeling
*3 additional Pols courses
(3 credits or more)
**At the 300-level or above
1 additional Pols course
(pre-approved seminar)
At the 400-level or above
Math 111Calculus I
Math 112Calculus II
Math 211Multivariable Calculus
Math 212Differential Equations
Math 221Linear Algebra
The sequence:
Math 361/362
Probability & Stats I and II
* Must employ the methods of Pols 208, 309, or 310.

** These must be chosen from American politics, international relations, or comparative politics; a student choosing electives must be pre-approved by the student's adviser.

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Math/Econ BA
Math/Political Sci BA