Anastassia Etropolski

E-mail: aetropo (at) emory (dot) edu
Office: N404, Math and Science Center

About Me

I am a third year graduate student at Emory University. I am pursuing my PhD in number theory, with a focus on arithmetic geometry; my advisor is David Zureick-Brown. Mathematically I am interested in studying rational points on Jacobians, solutions to Diophantine equations, Galois representations and modular curves, and local-global principles. Other than studying math, I love studying languages. I am a native Bulgarian speaker, and I have also studied Spanish, German, and French. I am also the proud owner of a beautiful italian greyhound named Milo (middle name Frobenius, because we're inseparable).


Math 111, Fall 2014

Math 112, Spring 2014

Math 111, Fall 2013

Math 112, Spring 2013

Math 111, Fall 2012



  1. Powers of the eta-function and Hecke operators. Int. J. Number Theory, 8 no. 3 (2012). (Joint with A. Carney and S. Pitman) pdf
  2. On the ranks of the Jacobians of curves defined by Jacobi polynomials. Rocky Mountain J. Math., accepted for publication. (Joint with J. Cullinan and E. Sell) pdf
  3. Evaluations of cubic twisted Kloosterman sheaf sums. Int. J. Number Theory, 6 no. 6 (2010), pp. 1349-1365. (Joint with J. Booher and A. Hittson) pdf

In preparation

  1. A local-global principle for images of Galois representations