Ariel Keller

I am a 5th year mathematics graduate student and a PhD candidate at Emory University.
Advisor: Ron Gould.
Curriculum Vitae: Keller_CV.pdf.

My research interests lie in extremal and structural graph theory. Recently, I have been studying different conditions sufficient to imply that a large enough graph must contain a certain number of cycles or chorded cycles.

Outside of Mathematics, I enjoy playing violin and piano, reading thrillers, and playing RPGs.

Contact Information

Office Location: Math and Science Center, N406
Office Phone: 404-727-7581



  • On Vertex-Disjoint Cycles and Degree Sum Conditions (with R. Gould and K. Hirohata). Submitted.

  • Presentations

  • Degree Sum Conditions to Imply Cycles
    Presented at:
    Graduate Research Workshop in Combinatorics; University of Denver, July 2017

  • On Disjoint Cycles and Degree Conditions
    Presented at:
    48th SE Int'l Conference on Combinatorics, Graph Theory, and Computing; FAU, March 2017
    Discrete Mathematics Seminar; Kennesaw State University, Feb. 2017
    Recent Advances in Linear Algebra and Graph Theory; UTC, March 2016
  • Teaching

    Emory University, Fall 2013-Spring 2017

  • Math 112 - Calculus 2, Instructor of Record - Syllabus
  • Math 111 - Calculus 1, Instructor of Record
  • Math 111L - Calculus 1 with Lab, Lab Instructor
  • Life Sciences Calculus 2, Teaching Assistant
  • Life Sciences Calculus 1, Teaching Assistant
  • Numerical Analysis 1 & Real Analysis 1, Grader