QTM 120

QTM 120 (Math for Quantitative Sciences) combines Linear Algebra and Multivariable Calculus into one course. There is a "lab" portion of this course, but no "lab work" will be done. Since there is so much material in this course, the lab is treated as a lecture in order to fit the material in.

A mild amount of programming will be used; We will be using DataCamp in order to learn R, which will be useful both for future QTM courses and for the real world.

Are you ready for QTM 120?

In order to succeed in this course, you need to know the topics below.

Basic Review of Algebra: This file reviews basic algebra skills with practice problems and solutions at the end. It is simply here for reference. You can skip this unless you are REALLY rusty on math.


Evaluate sin/cos/tan of the whole first quadrant, plus any multiple of pi/2. Also know what sec x, csc x, and cot x represent.

Know everything in this file.

Derivatives and Integrals:


Power Rule, Product Rule, Quotient Rule, Chain Rule


Everything from Calculus I, including u-substitution.

Basic Derivatives and Integrals You Must Know

Practice Problems for Derivatives and Integrals