CS 377 - Database Systems
Homework 2

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1. The Emory College University Database

Design an ER diagram for a database for the Emory College. Here are some facts about the college:
  1. The Emory College consists of a number of Departments (MathCS, Physics, etc)
  2. A department has a unique name, address, phone number and can have a number of faculty members.
  3. A faculty member has SSN, name, office, phone number and salary
  4. A department has one department chair with a starting date
  5. A department can teach a number of courses
  6. A course has a unique ID, a course name and a description
  7. A semester has a unique ID, a start date and an end date.
  8. A number of sections of a course is offered in a semester and a section will be taught by one faculty member.
  9. Each section is uniquely identified by a section number.
  10. Not every course will be offered in a semester and some courses may have multiple offerings (= multiple sections of the course offered in a semester).
  11. A student has an ID, name and address
  12. A student can enrolled in one section of some course.
  13. A student can enrolled in multiple sections in one semester.
    (Clarification: multiple sections of different courses - but you don't have to represent this fact in the ER diagram because it is not easy to do)

    Send me (cheung@mathcs.emory.edu) email if you need to clarify some details...

2. Question 2

Statement of Policy on Homework Assignments

Students will be graded partially on the basis of their homework assignments. These homework assignments are to be treated as examinations, and are expected to be your individual work. While discussions with other students in the course may be permitted or encouraged by your instructor, you should write your program yourself. Your instructor (and any teaching assistants assigned to the course) will be glad to help you to the extent that he or she feels reasonable.

Submissions based on other students solutions in prior offerings of the course specifically violate these guidelines, as do submissions prepared with the help of an outside "tutor".

You should take precautions to protect the confidentiality of your work, do not collaborate on questions that you turn in for a grade, do not show your solution to a fellow student, not even after the due date for some students may have receive extension.

All submissions should include a comment statement near the top of the program of the form:


Cases of apparent plagiarism or collusion will be referred to the Honor Council.