CS 377 - Database Systems
Homework 4

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1. Company Database

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    2. Location Database

    Consider the following relational database:

       lives(person_name, street, city)
       works(person_name, company_name, salary)
       located_in(company_name, city)
       manages(person_name, manager_name)

    The meaning of the relations are as follows:

    The underline attribute(s) in each relation is the primary key. The foreign keys are:

    Formulate a Relational Algebra Query on the Location database for the following:

    1. Find the name for the company (or companies) that pay the highest salary

    2. Find the name for all companies that only have employees living in the city of 'Atlanta' (i.e., every single employees of the company live in 'Atlanta')

    3. Find the name for all persons who live in the same city in which their company is located

    4. Find the name of all companies that have 50 or more of their employees living in the city of 'Atlanta'.

    5. Find the name for all persons that do not work for the company "Acme"

    6. Find the name of the person(s) that earn the highest salary in the company "Acme"

    7. For each company, list the company name, the number empoyees, the average salary paid, the lowest salary paid and the highest salary paid.

    8. Find the city with the highest number (i.e., most number) of employees of company "Acme" living in that city.

    9. Find the name of companies with the highest number of inter-city commuters (an inter-city commuter is an employee that do not live in the city where the company is located in)

    10. Find the name of companies where all its (every single) employees live in the same city where the company is located in (i.e., companies that do not have any commuting employee).

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