CS457 Syllabus & Progress

CS377 Syllabus & Progress

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  1. Managing Information using Computers:

    Hand out Project 1: click here

  2. Data modeling using the Entity-Relationship model (Chapter 3)

    Hand out Homework 2: click here

  3. The Relational Data model (Chapter 5 in book)
    Hand out Homework 3: click here

  4. Relational Algebra

    Hand out Homework 4: click here

  5. (Tuple) Relational Calculus

  6. SQL - Structured Query Language

  7. Stored Procedures (in MySQL) (SKIPPED in Fall 2017 to save time for other stuff)

  8. Accessing MySQL with the C programming language (SKIPPED --- the prereq course CS171 does not cover C)

  9. JDBC: a Java library class for accessing Relational DBMS

  10. Java GUI programming

  11. Web Access of Dababases

  12. Database Design using decomposition to 3NF/BCNF

  13. Database Design using the synthesis algorithm to the 3NF

  14. Transaction Processing --- if time permits....

    Under construction...
  15. Concurrency Control (Chapter 18)
  16. Recovery (Chapter 19)
  17. Oracle Pro*C embedded SQL environment: click here