CS554 Syllabus & Progress

CS554 - Advanced Database Systems
Syllabus and Progress

  1. Introduction

  2. Secondary Storage (Disks) management

  3. Indexing

  4. One-pass Algorithms for Query execution (processing a physical query plan)

  5. The nested-loop Join Algorithm

  6. 2-pass Algorithms for Query execution that are based on (TPMMS) sorting

  7. 2-pass Algorithms for Query execution that are based on hashing

  8. Algorithms that are based on indexing:

  9. Multiple-pass algorithms

    Query optimization

  10. Overview: query optimization: click here

  11. Parsing and pre-processing

  12. Laws used to transform logical query plans

  13. Converting a Parse Tree into an initial logical query plan (tree)

  14. Query optimization: finding the best Logical Query Plan (= Relational Algebra Tree)

  15. Ordering the join (and cartesian product) operations

  16. The physical query plan

  17. Recoverability: protecting database from system failure (logging)

  18. Serializability: correctness of concurrent execution of transactions

  19. Serializability and Recoverability

  20. Deadlock

  21. Parallel Data Processing Algorithms

  22. The Map-Reduce Parallelism framework

  23. Distributed Databases: query processing

  24. Commiting Distributed Transactions

  25. Handling "Big Data"