CS558    Syllabus & Progress

CS558 Sylabus & Progress

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  1. Overview:

    • Because Emory offers undergraduate networking spradically, it is my experience that some student(s) in CS558 do not have sufficient background for a real graduate level networking.

      Therefore, I will also cover some undergraduate networking material in a very rapidly pace

    • The more advanced material will be covered in a lower pace:

      • Modelling the TCP protocol
      • Real Time Multimedia data transmission
      • Video on Demand
      • Quality of Service guarantee
        • Guarantee data rate
        • Guarantee (maximum) delay
        • Fairness guarantee

    Matrerial taken from Undergraduate Networking CS455

  2. Introduction.

  3. The Physical Layer:

    Homework 1: click here

  4. The Data Link Layer for Point-to-Point Networks :

  5. Data Link Layer for Broadcast Networks :

  6. Interconnecting Homogeneous Networks :

  7. Interconnecting Heterogeneous Networks :

  8. IP Route Construction Algorithms:

  9. Transport Layers (layer 4) for IP

  10. Mobile IP:

  11. IP Multicast:

  12. Congestion control on the Internet

    • Introduction: click here
    • Signals used to detect congestion in network: click here
    • Congestion control methods (Raj Jain): click here
    • TCP's congestion avoidance mechansim: click here

    • SKIP: not ready yet: Modeling TCP's congestion avoidance mechansim: click here
    • SKIP (not relevant anymore): Rate Adaptaion Protocol (RAP) - a transport protocol for (multimedia) streams analogous to TCP for data: click here

  13. Network Simulation using NS2

  14. Studying the Performance of TCP through NS Simulation

  15. Simulating wireless networks

  16. Designing new variants of TCP protocols using NS2

  17. Designing and testing new network level protocols using NS2

    Advanced Networking Material

  18. Introduction

    Real Time Multimedia Transmission over the Internet

  19. Digital representation of multimedia data

  20. Application layer support for real-time multimedia data:

  21. Concealing errors in real-time multimedia transmission:

  22. Video on Demand (VOD): Distribution of stored multimedia data

    Providing Quality of Service on the Internet

  23. Idealised fairness performance model:

  24. Analyzing System Performance using Simulation: