CS558a    Syllabus & Progress

CS558a Sylabus & Progress

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  1. Theme: How can we transmit real-time multimedia data over the Internet.
    • Multimedia data transmission
    • Reliable multicast
    • Provide a number of service guarantees:
      • Transmission rate guarantee
      • Maximum delay guarantee
      • Fairness guarantee

  2. Introduction to real-time multimedia networking
    • Review of the Internet: click here
    • The need (humans do not fix things if there is no need...) to add network support for real time multimedia transmission: click here

  3. Digital representation of multimedia data

  4. Application layer support for real-time multimedia data:

  5. Concealing errors in real-time multimedia transmission:

  6. Video on Demand (VOD): Distribution of stored multimedia data

  7. Transport layer support for real-time multimedia data:

  8. Network layer support for real-time multimedia data:

  9. Papers for Students' presentation: click here

  10. Analyzing System Performance using Simulation: