CS561 - Project

CS561, Project 6

Due: See class webpage

1. Inserting into an Ordered List with Fortran 90

In this project, you are to write an "InsertOrdered()" subroutine that insert floating point numbers into a linked list. The "InsertOrdered()" subroutine must maintain a sorted list, i.e., the first element in the list must have the smallest value than all other elements in the list, the second element in the list has the second smallest value, and so on.

As in a previous project, I have prepared some help files to get you started on this project. All you have to do is concentrate on writing the "InsertOrdered()" subroutine.

2. The List Element Structure

The list element structure is similar to the one used in class and the class definition is given in the following file:

3. The Main program file

The driver program (program that controls the execution) is given in the following file:

The main program invokes the subroutine InsertOrdered() to insert 4 items into a linked list.

Your assignment is:

4. Turn in