CS561 Syllabus & Progress

CS561 Syllabus & Progress

Progress: material covered are displayed in blue (I will be updating this webpage from time to time)

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  1. Introduction to Computer Architecture

  2. How numerical information are stored inside a computer:

  3. CPU Architecture: (you need to know this for multi-threading)

  4. Instructing the computer to do something for you:

  5. Elementary Programming in C/C++

    Project 1: Bisection algorithm in C++ (passing functions as parameter) ----- click here

  6. Software Engineering Topics

    • Managing program complexity:

    • Errors in numerical computational programs:
      • DBX: a tool for locating errors in programs: click here
      • The different kinds of errors in a numerical computational programs: click here

    • Performance enhancement:

  7. Further C/C++ programming

    • Relationships between variables and functions:

  8. Elementary Programming in Fortran

    Project 5: Matrix inversion in Fortran (arrays and functions in Fortran) ----- click here

  9. Further Programming in Fortran

  10. Using Scientific libraries

  11. Parallel Computers

  12. Programming Shared Memory MIMD using posix threads:

  13. Programming Shared Memory MIMD using OpenMP:

  14. Programming Message-Passing MIMD using MPI: