CS584 - Stream Database

CS584 Sylabus & Progress

Material covered are displayed in blue.
  1. Introduction.

  2. Stream DB Systems

  3. Review of Relational Algebra

  4. Memory Requirements in Stream Processing

  5. Sketching: building a summary of a data stream

  6. Approximate answer to query using random sampling

  7. Approximation Techniques: Histograms

  8. Mining "Heavy" (Frequent) Elements

  9. Mining Frequent Itemsets (and Association rules)

  10. Quantiles

  11. Processing in a window

  12. Clustering

  13. Approximation Techniques: Wavelets

  14. Approximation Techniques: Moving Window

  15. Query Processing using Moving Windows

  16. Approximation Techniques: Join Operation

  17. Load Shedding