MATH MATTERS - it's all around us in our daily lives, whether we realize it or not. From practical matters like personal finance, telecommunication, compact discs, computer graphics and applications in science, engineering and industry, to pure mathematics itself---a stunning creation of the human mind (or was it always there, awaiting discovery? LINK HERE!) with beautiful vistas such as infinity, the fourth dimension, fractals---the message is clear: mathematics matters!

The following links may help you discover some notable aspects of mathematics over the ages, and how it has impacted human endeavors in many diverse fields, from ancient times to the latest discoveries. We hope that by following some of these links you'll be inspired to pursue mathematics further. If there is something you'd like to see included here (or if a listed link seems to be dead) please email All comments are welcome!

Proofs Math in the media Math and beauty Teaching Professional organizations
Proofs Math in the media Math and beauty Teaching Assistants Combined Membership List
Algebra Math and sport Primes Careers Quotes
Analysis Math and politics Math and mystery Math education Books
Calculus Math and secrecy Math and paradoxes Math and science Text journals
Combinatorics/ Discrete math Math and law Math and magic Math and industry Online journals
Differential equations Math and animation Math and illusion Operations Research Videos
Geometry Math and money Math and poetry Math and computing Math genealogy
Linear Algebra Math and genetics Math and music Math and engineering Math on TV
Logic Math and imaging Math and art Math and economics Math in the movies
Number Theory Math and infinity Math and imaging Math and business Math on radio
Number Theory Math and architecture Math and dentistry Math and business Math in the theater
Numerical Methods Math and the universe Math and humor Math and biography Teaching with software
Probability Math and language Math and puzzles History of math Teaching with the web
Statistics The 4th dimension Math and visualization Women in math The Math Forum
Topology Math and maps Fractals Multicultural math Lou Talman's Mathematics Animated
Quantitative literacy Math and the brain Math in sculpture Math around the world Demos with Positive Impact

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