CS 153 Homepage

Welcome to CS153, Computing for Bioinformatics.

CS153 at Canvas
We use Emory's Canvas service for announcements, discussions, grading, and some homework submissions. As I get comfortable with it, more materials may move here.
The share/ Directory
Course-related files, directory /home/cs153001/share/ on CS lab machines.
Formatted handouts (info, homework, exams, maybe others).
Compeau & Pevzner
Our textbook website, with videos.
CS153 at Rosalind
Rosalind offers many challenging bioinformatic problems, and we will solve a few of them in homeworks and labs. After you setup an account, join our class using this one-time enrollment link.
CS153 at CodingBat
We will use this for basic python function exercises. See the "Setup instructions".
Python Documentation
Central: main tutorial (hard), the standard library
Tutorials: learnpython, codecademy, interactivepython, Google class, Udemy class
Books: easy, medium, hard, a long list
Other stuff:
Mic's Classes page (office hours, lab links, grading, honor policy, SPCA)

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