CS700:Graduate Seminar in Computer Science & Informatics

The Anatomy of Modern Cyber Attacks
Charlie Eriksen, Syndis

Cybersecurity has been in the spotlight past semesters following media coverage of state-sponsored actors and hacker collectives that exploit information technology to their advantage. Unfortunately, current trends suggest that these episodes will likely continue, in part since we our reliance on technology keeps increasing and also since today's software still favors new functionality over security. In the talk, we will discuss how attacks by cybercriminals have evolved and delve into how modern hackers exploit systems. We will take real-world examples of how attackers are motivated, how compromises have taken place, and what challenges remain for improving the state of security. A particular focus will be given on attacks that have been discussed recently in the media.


Charlie Eriksen is a Principal Security Engineer at Syndis in Iceland, a research-oriented company focused on simulating sophisticated cyber-attacks against large corporations. He has extensive background in vulnerability research, with a particular focus on the security of web applications and embedded devices. Prior to joining Syndis, Charlie was a key security architect at CCP Games where he defended an entire (virtual) universe against intricate attacks, including infrastructure and real-world fraud. He has given presentations at various industry security conferences, and co-instructed courses on hacking and security at Reykjavik University.