CS700:Graduate Seminar in Computer Science & Informatics

Managing and Processing RFID Data

Advances of sensor and RFID technology provide significant new power for humans to sense, understand and manage the world. RFID provides fast data collection with precise identification of objects with unique IDs without line of sight, thus it can be used for identifying, locating, tracking and monitoring physical objects. Despite these benefits, RFID poses many challenges for data processing and management. In this talk, I will discuss our work on temporal and location based RFID data management, and rule-based complex RFID event processing.
Fusheng Wang is a Senior Research Scientist at Emory University's Center for Comprehensive Informatics. Dr. Wang received his Ph.D. in Computer Science from University of California, Los Angeles in 2004. Before joining Emory, he was a research scientist and project lead at Siemens Corporate Research. His research areas include heterogeneous scientific data management and integration, high performance biomedical image management systems, temporal data management, RFID data management, XML databases, and collaborative information systems.