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David Zureick-Brown (dzb@mathcs.emory.edu)
Office: W430 Math and science center
Cell: (510) 508-0255
"Office": (608) 616-0153
Department of Mathematics and Computer Science
Emory University

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Emory algebra and number theory seminar.

Professional Information

  1. The canonical ring of stacky curve, with John Voight, arxiv
  2. Cohomology with closed support on the overconvergent site, arxiv
  3. Elliptic curves over Q and 2-adic images of Galois, with Jeremy Rouse, arxiv
  1. A heuristic for the distribution of point counts for random curves over a finite field, with Jeffrey D. Achter, Daniel Erman, Kiran S. Kedlaya, Melanie Matchett Wood (accepted, Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society) arxiv
  2. Formal GAGA for Good Moduli Spaces, with Anton Geraschenko (accepted, Algebraic Geometry) arxiv, blog post (by Max Lieblich)
  3. Cohomological Descent on the Overconvergent Site, (RIMS, 2014, 1:8) arxiv
  4. Integral Monsky-Washnitzer cohomology and the overconvergent de Rham-Witt complex, with Christopher Davis (MRL, 21 (2014), No 2.) arxiv
  5. The Chabauty-Coleman bound at a prime of bad reduction and Clifford bounds for Geometric Rank Functions, with Eric Katz. (Compositio Mathematica 2013) (arxiv)
  6. Random Dieudonn'e modules, random p-divisible groups, and random curves over finite fields, with Bryden Cais and Jordan Ellenberg; (J. Math. Inst. Jussieu., 2013) (arxiv, code)
  7. Primitive Integral Solutions to x^2 + y^3 = z^10. (IMRN 2012) arxiv, code
  8. Rigid cohomology for algebraic stacks (UC Berkeley thesis, 2010) pdf

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