Emory Algebra and Number Theory Seminar Schedule – Fall 2013


1 2013-08-28 WedWed
2 2013-09-03 TueWedNo SeminarStart of year reception, 5pm
ThuYuuki Takai (Keio University)A determining condition of Hilbert modular formsThursday talk
Sat-SunPANTS XXIn Davidson, NC
3 2013-09-11 WedWedKen Ono (Emory)The Weierstrass mock modular form and modular elliptic curves
4 2013-09-18 WedWedGuillermo Mantilla (EPFL)The spinor genus of the integral trace and local arithmetic equivalence.
5 2013-09-25 WedWedXander Faber (Joining IDA/CCS)Rational and quadratic preperiodic points for quadratic polynomials
6 2013-10-02 WedWedChris Hall (University of Wyoming)Expander families and variation of Galois representations
7 2013-10-09 WedWedJean-Louis Colliot Thelene (Paris-Sud)Pathologies of the Brauer-Manin obstruction
8 2013-10-18 FriFriYuri Tschinkel (Courant Institute)On the arithmetic of surfacesFriday talk, 10am, W304
Fri-SunGeorgia Algebraic Geometry Symposium at UGABegins at 3pm
9 2013-10-23 WedWedMorgan Brown (Univ. of Michigan)Numerical Tilting and Derived Equivalence4pm
Eva Bayer-Fluckiger (EPFL)CANCELED
10 2013-10-30 WedWed
11 2013-11-05 TueTueJoint Athens-Atlanta Number Theory Seminarabstracts eventually hereAt UGA
Joe Rabinoff (Georgia Tech)4pm
Kirsten Wickelgren (Georgia Tech)5:15
Fri-SunCommutative Algebra – Algebraic Geometry in the SoutheastIn Columbia SC
12 2013-11-12 TueTueAndrew Obus (University of Virginia)Unramified Brauer classes on cyclic covers of the projective planeTuesday Talk
13 2013-11-21 ThuThuRobert Lemke-Oliver (Stanford)The distribution of 2-Selmer ranks and additive functionsThursday Talk
14 2013-11-26 TueTueJean-Pierre Tignol (Université Catholique de Louvain)Degree 3 cohomological invariants and quadratic splitting of hermitian formsTuesday Talk
WedNo SeminarThanksgiving break
15 2013-12-04 WedWed
Sat-SunPANTS XXIIn Clemson, SC
16 2013-12-11 WedWed