Emory Algebra and Number Theory Seminar Schedule – Fall 2014

Organized by the Algebra & number theory group.

The seminar usually meets Tuesdays at 4pm in MSC W306, but there are many exceptions.

1 Sep 02 TueJesse Kass (USC)What is the limit of a line bundle on a nonnormal variety?
2 Sep 09 TueKen Ono (Emory)Shifted convolution L-functions
3 Sep 16 TueMichael Griffin (Emory)On the Distribution of Moonshine
4 Sep 22 MonFrank Thorne (USC)An Algebraic Approach to Enumerating Field ExtensionsMon
Sep 23 TueNo Seminar.
5 Sep 30 TueMatt Ballard (USC)Wall crossing in moduli problems and semi-orthogonal decompositions
6 Oct 07 TueNick Addington (Duke)Recent developments in rationality of cubic fourfolds
7 Oct 14 TueNo SeminarFall Break
8 Oct 21 TueDavid Jensen (University of Kentucky)Tropical Independence and Algebraic Curves
9 Oct 28 TueIgor Rapinchuk (Harvard)The genus of a division algebra4pm
Eva Bayer (EPFL)Embeddings of maximal tori in classical groups and explicit Brauer–Manin obstruction5pm
10 Nov 04 TueAthens-Atlanta Joint Number Theory SeminarAt Tech
Arul Shankar (Harvard University)4pm
Wei Zhang (Columbia University)5:15pm
11 Nov 11 TueJohn Duncan (Case Western)Monstrous Moonshine, Umbral Moonshine and the Conway Group
12 Nov 18 Tue
13 Nov 25 Tue
14 Dec 02 TueJeremy Jacobson (Emory)On the signature of a quadratic form
15 Dec 09 Tue
16 Dec 16 Tue

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