Emory Algebra and Number Theory Seminar Schedule – Spring 2013

Organized by the Algebra & number theory group

The seminar usually meets Wednesdays at 3pm in MSC W306, but there are many exceptions.

1Wed 2013-Jan 16 Saikat Biswas (Georgia Tech)Visibility of Torsors of an Abelian Variety
2Wed 2013-Jan 23 Robert Lemke Oliver (Emory University)The pretentious view of analytic number theory
3Wed 2013-Jan 30 William Kantor (U. Oregon)Group presentations: history and recent results
4Wed 2013-Feb 06 Lola Thompson (UGA)On the degrees of divisors of xn-1
5Wed 2013-Feb 13 John Voight (University of Vermont)Power series expansions for modular forms
6Wed 2013-Feb 20 Eric Katz (University of Waterloo)The non-Abelian Whitney theorem and the Higher Pairing on Graphs
7Wed 2013-Feb 27 Farbod Shokrieh (Georgia Tech)Canonical Representatives for divisor classes on tropical curves
8Wed 2013-Mar 06 Zev Klagsbrun (University of Wisconsin-Madison)Selmer groups of elliptic curves
9Wed 2013-Mar 13 No SeminarSpring Break + Arizona winter school
10Wed 2013-Mar 20
11Wed 2013-Mar 27 Bianca Viray (Brown University)Reductions of CM j-invariants modulo p
12Wed 2013-Apr 03 Yi Zhu (University of Utah)Homogeneous Spaces over Function Fields of Dimension Two3pm
Jeremy Jacobson (Fields institute in Toronto)On derived Witt groups of algebraic varieties4pm
13Wed 2013-Apr 10 Detchat Samart (Texas A&M)Mahler measures of hypergeometric families of Calabi-Yau varieties
14Tue 2013-Apr 16 Joint Athens-Atlanta Number Theory Seminarabstracts hereAt Georgia Tech
Dick GrossThe arithmetic of hyperelliptic curves4pm
Jordan EllenbergArithmetic statistics over function fields5:15
15Wed 2013-Apr 24 Abhinav Kumar (MIT)Equations for Hilbert modular surfaces
16Wed 2013-May 01 Eli Matzri (University of Virginia)Symbol length over Cr fields
17Wed 2013-May 08 Paul Pollack (UGA)Deficient, abundant, perfect, and all that
18Wed 2013-May 15 Andrew Sutherland (MIT)The generalized Sato-Tate conjecture