Emory Algebra and Number Theory Seminar Schedule – Spring 2014


1 2014-01-21 TueTueNivedita Bhaskhar (Emory)More examples of non-rational adjoint groups
2 2014-01-28 TueTueKen Ono (Emory)Cancelled due to weather
3 2014-02-04 TueTueJoe Rabinoff (Georgia Tech)Continuous analogues of methods used to calculate component groups of Jacobians
4 2014-02-11 TueTueMatt Ballard (USC)Differential graded algebras, global dimensions, and Orlov spectraCancelled due to weather
5 2014-02-18 TueTueEric Katz (Waterloo)Lifting Tropical Curves and Linear Systems on Graphs
6 2014-02-25 TueTueJoint Athens-Atlanta number theory seminar@emory
Paul Pollack (UGA)Solved and unsolved problems in elementary number theory4pm
James Maynard (U Montreal)Bounded gaps between primes5:15pm
7 2014-03-04 TueTueJesse Thorner (Emory)Bounded gaps between primes in Chebotarev sets
8 2014-03-11 TueTueNo SeminarSpring Break
9 2014-03-18 TueTueNo Seminar
10 2014-03-25 TueTueAlex Duncan (U. Michigan)Forms of Toric Varieties4pm
Jaya Iyer (IMSC Chennai)Algebraic cycles and degeneration5pm
11 2014-04-01 TueTueSarah Trebat-Leder (Emory)Number Theory of Moonshine
12 2014-04-08 TueTue
13 2014-04-15 TueTue
14 2014-04-22 TueTueTyler Foster (Michigan)Rational connectivity and analytic contractibility5pm
15 2014-04-29 TueTueJean Barge (Ecole polytechnique)Transversality defect of two lagrangians and ternary index. Application: Formulas of (non) additivity of signatures and of linking forms
2014-05-02 FriFriRabeya Basu (IISER, Pune)On Stabilization of Classical GroupsFriday, W304, 3pm
16 2014-05-06 TueTueLance Edward Miller (University of Arkansas)Log canonical and F-pure thresholds and ordinary reduction
2014-05-08 ThuThuJean-Louis Colliot-Thelene (Université Paris-Sud )The set of non-n-th powers in a number field is DiophantineThursday, W306, 3pm
17 2014-05-13 TueTueDavid Harbater (UPenn)Field invariants via refinements to patchingW306, 3pm