Math 221 -- Spring 2012

Linear Algebra
Emory University

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Lecture Room: W301 MSC
Lecture Time: TuTh 1:00-2:15
Final Exam: Wed, May. 9, 8:30-11:00am
Lecturer:David Zureick-Brown
Office: W430 MSC
Phone: (608) 616-0153

Text: "Linear Algebra and Its Applications", David Lay, Fourth Edition
Office Hours: Wed 4:30-6:30p, (in W430)

Block Matrix
A block matrix in nature.


NO Office Hours(Wed 1/25)
DZB is OUT OF TOWN(Wed 1/25)
Make up Office Hours10:30-12:30am(Th 1/26)
DZB is OUT OF TOWN(Wed 2/8 - Mon 2/13)
Make up Office Hours5-6:30pm(Tu 2/7)
Pre-Exam Office Hours4:30-6:30pm(Mon 2/27)
NO Office Hours(Wed 2/29)
DZB is OUT OF TOWN(Fri 3/2 - Mon 3/16)
NO Office Hours(Wed 3/7)
Office hours moved5:05-6:00(Wed 3/28)
Pre-Exam Office Hours4:30-6:30pm(Tue 4/3)
DZB is OUT OF TOWN(Wed 4/4 - Mon 4/9)
NO Office Hours(Wed 4/4)
No Office Hours(Wed 5/2)
DZB is OUT OF TOWN(Wed 5/2 - Sun 5/6)
PRE-EXAM office hours4:30-6:30pm(Tue 5/8)


The course catalog lists the content of this course as "Systems of linear equations and matrices, determinants, linear transformations, eigenvalues, and eigenvectors".

Here is an official pdf of the syllabus for this course. (There is no information on this pdf that is not on the webpage.)
Course details

This class will meet 28 times. I will cover roughly one to one and a half sections of our text each class. Some sections will be skipped; see the list of suggested homework problems for a rough idea of what we will cover.

There will be lots of short in class activities in addition to lecturing. In fact, there will be an activity every day at the beginning of class (even on non quiz days), so please show up on time!

Grading policy

There will be two midterm exams. Each of the two midterm exams is worth 30 percent, for a total of 60 percent of the final grade. The final exam will be comprehensive and will count for 30 percent. Homework is worth 0 percent. Seriously! Instead, there will be a short in class quiz each week on the homework; as a whole they will be worth 10 percent.

The quiz and midterm dates below are tenative (and may be adjusted if the pace of the course is adjusted), but the date of the final exam is set in stone; make your summer travel plans accordingly. If you have a conflict with the final exam (e.g., another final) please let me know ASAP.

Quizzes 10% (Weekly)
Midterm Exam I 30% (Tu., Feb 28, Tentative)
Midterm Exam II 30% (Th., Apr 5, Tentative)
Final Exam 30% (Wed, May 9, 8:30-11:00am, W301)

Calculators, notes, and textbooks are not allowed in exams or quizzes.


There will be homework assigned every week. It will not be graded; instead, there will be a weekly quiz covering the homework material. The homework assignments are available at this link, and will be updated after each lecture.


There will be a quiz almost every week. The quiz problems will be two homework problems, possibly with the numbers changed. The schedule of quizzes will be available at this link.

Make up quizzes

Since the lowest two quizzes are dropped, there will be no make up quizzes.

Plagarism Policy

Remember that copying another student's work is a violation of the Honor Code and will be treated as such. If you must leave class during an exam for any reason, please leave all of your belongings (including your handheld supercomputer phone!).

Extra Help:

There is a helpful, 10 minute video of every subtopic we will cover on Khan Academy. When you are confused about a concept, please watch the corresponding video! Remember, you can pause and rewind a video, but you can't pause and rewind lecture!


Ken Mandelberg handles all overloads for the department. To request an overload you must send an email to Dr. Mandelberg ( with your request. He is the only person who can approve an overload request.

Please see this link for more information.