Local class field theory, Fall 2014

Emory University

Meeting Room: E406 MSC
Meeting Time: TuTh, 1-2:30
Final Exam: None
Lecturer:David Zureick-Brown
Office: W430 MSC
Phone: (608) 616-0153
Email: dzb@mathcs.emory.edu

Text: "Algebraic Number Theory" by Cassels-Froehlich
Office Hours: By appointment



We will cover pieces of I-VII of "Algebraic Number Theory" by Cassels-Froehlich. The focus will be on the local theory, and time permitting we will talk about Global CFT and compatibility.


There will be no exams or collected homework, but I will post homework every week which you should absolutely make a serious attempt to complete (or at least think about for a while) since the subject is a difficult one to learn and hence active engagement with the concepts in both theoretical and concrete settings is imperative for success. There will also be some handouts to supplement the lectures.

Homework will be posted as a single pdf here. The tex file for this is here, and you will find hints in the comments.


All of the material in this course is fundamental background material for everyone taking the course. The expectation is that you will set aside time between each pair of lectures to review the material, and will collaborate with classmates and approach me with questions about, literally, anything that you don't understand.


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