Undergraduate elliptic curves reading course -- Spring 2014

Emory University

Meeting Room: E406 MSC
Meeting Time: Tue, 1:45-2:15
Final Exam: None
Lecturer:David Zureick-Brown
Office: W430 MSC
Phone: (608) 616-0153
Email: dzb@mathcs.emory.edu

Text: "Rational Points on Elliptic Curves" by Silverman and Tate
Office Hours: None

hopf Fibration


We will use Silverman and Tate's classic Rational Points on Elliptic Curves


There will be assigned reading and homework each week (available here). Each week, do the reading and sit down once to attempt the problems on your own. Additionally, once a week meet as a group (without me) to discuss the problems. Finally, once a week we will meet as a group to clarify anything not understood from the problems and the reading.

Additionally, each week each student is required to LaTeX the solution to one homework problem, to be submitted via Dropbox.

Grading will be based on participation and homework. Please show up prepared to each weekly meeting.


The pace will be set by the 2004 course taught here. The readings will follow this schedule (we should do two lectures of that each week), and the assigned homework is here.