CS190: The Web  (Version 3.0, Spring 2013): Schedule, Readings, Lecture notes


Topic and lecture slides



Jan 15 Lecture: Overview of the Course; what is the Web? [ slides ]   Additional resources: Course Syllabus
Jan 17 Lab: UNIX, HTML intro[ slides ]
Unix Survival guide
Introduction to UNIX
UNIX Shell tutor
Lab Exercise: putting up a basic HTML page. If time: embed an object.

Jan 22 Lab: HTML: links, attributes, frames; begin HTML Forms
[ slides ]
HTML Primer

Web design tips

Assignment 1: Embedded video
Exercises: experiment with Frames: download and modify frametest.html
Experiment with anchor text, attributes, behavior tags, modify your site page
Jan 24 Lecture: HTML Forms + JavaScript  [ slides ]
HTML Forms Tutorial Exercise:  Simple Web Forms (front-end only): menu.html
Jan 29 Lab: JavaScript + Web Services [ slides ]
Javascript Primer Lab Exercise: Forms + Frames = your first Web application
Assignment 2: Form-based interface to a search engine
Jan 31
Lecture: JavaScript and Web Services [ slides ]

Lab Exercise: using web service to populate content
Group Project 1 assigned (web services)
Feb 5   Instructor is away   No class

Feb 7
Lab: JavaScript
NOTE: Instructor is away

Lab Exercise: Forms + Javascript: smarter application
Feb 12 Lecture: Web services

Feb 14 Lab: Web Services wrap-up

Feb 19 Lecture: Web Search & Ads
Feb 21
Lab: Intro to Google AdWords

Project 1 due (in-class presentation)
  Feb 25
  Lecture: Ads + Targetting

   Project 2 assigned (search advertising)
  Feb 28
  Lab: Designing Ad Campaigns

  March 5

  March 11-15  Spring Break    
  Mar 19
 Lecture: Online Social Networks

  March 21
 Lab: TBD

  March 26
Instructor away
  No class
  March 28
 Lecture: TBD

  April 2
Instructor away
No class

  April 9 Lecture: Facebook platform   Final group project assigned: Facebook app
  May 2, 4:30pm
Final project presentations     In computer lab