Atlanta Lecture Series in Combinatorics and Graph Theory XXI (ALS 21)

Apr 21-22, 2018

White Hall 206,
Emory University, Atlanta, GA 30322

Emory University, Georgia Tech and Georgia State University, with support from the National Science Foundation and National Security Agency, will continue the series of mini-conferences from 2017-2018. The next and 21st overall of these mini-conferences will be held at Emory University on April 21-22, 2018. The conferences will stress a variety of areas and feature one prominent researcher giving 2 fifty minute lectures and other outstanding researchers each giving one fifty minute lecture. There will also be 25 minute lectures by junior reseachers or graduate students. All talks will be held in Room 206 in the White Hall.

Featured Speaker
  • Jacques Verstraete, University of California, San Diego    [abstract 1]  [abstract 2]
  • One-hour speakers
  • Theo Molla, University of South Florida   [abstract]
  • Bhargav Narayanan , Rutgers University     [abstract]
  • Hoi H. Nguyen, Ohio State University     [abstract]
  • Xavier Perez Gimenez, Univ. of Nebraska-Lincoln  [abstract]  
  • Half-hour speakers
  • Andrii Arman, University of Manitoba     [abstract]        
  • Anton Bernshteyn, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign     [abstract]    
  • Laura Eslava, Gerogia Tech     [abstract]
  • Lisa Sauermann, Stanford University    [abstract]

  • Tentative Schedule (to be updated)

    Saturday afternoon Sunday Morning
    12:301:00 Registration
    8:309:00 Coffee and light breakfast
    1:002:00 Jacques Verstraete    [abstract] 9:0010:00 Bhargav Narayanan     [abstract]
    2:003:00 Xavi Perez Gimenez    [abstract] 10:0011:00 Hoi Nyugen    [abstract]
    3:003:30 -------break------- 11:0011:30 Anton Bernshteyn     [abstract]    
    3:304:00 Lisa Sauermann    [abstract] 11:3012:00 Laura Eslava     [abstract]
    4:00→5:00 Theo Molla   [abstract] 12:0012:30 Andrii Arman     [abstract]
    5:006:00 Jacques Verstraete    [abstract]

    Coffee, refreshments, and snacks will be provided during the breaks. A light breakfast will be served on Sunday morning starting from 8:30am.


    To help us organize the conference, please register HERE. The deadline is April 17, 2018.

    Practical Information
    Direction Housing Parking Dining


    Guantao Chen, Georgia State University
    Hao Huang, Emory University
    Xingxing Yu, Georgia Tech

    Please contact Hao Huang at if you have any questions regarding this conference.


    The organizers gratefully acknowledge the following organizations for their support of this conference.

    nsf Emory