Assured Information Management and Sharing (AIMS)

Department of Computer Science
Emory University


Dr. Xiong Li Xiong
Professor of Computer Science
Professor of Biomedical Informatics

Current Postdocs, Students, and Visitors

JianJian Lou
Postdoctoral fellow

PayamPayam Karisani
PhD student (co-advise with Prof. Sunderam)

Rongmei Rongmei Lin
PhD student 
Junxu Junxu Liu
Visiting PhD student

Jing Jing Ma
PhD student (co-advise with Prof. Ho)
Mark Mark Ma
PhD student

Fereshteh Fereshteh Razmi
PhD student
Yifei Yifei Ren
PhD student
Mani Mani Sotoodeh
PhD student (co-supervise with Prof. Ho)
Farnaz Farnaz Tahmasebian
PhD student

Pengfei Pengfei Tang
PhD student

Wenjie Wenjie Wang
PhD student
Qiuchen Qiuchen Zhang
PhD student

Postdoc Alumni

Jinfei Liu
Postdoctoral fellow 2017-2020
First/Current: Zhejiang University

Yangcao Yang Cao
Postdoctoral Fellow 2017-2018
First/Current: Assistant Professor, Department of Social Informatics, Kyoto University

Yousef Yousef Elmehdwi
Postdoctoral Fellow 2016-2017
First/Current: Senior Lecturer of Computer Science, Illinois Institute of Technology

PhD Alumni

Daniel Garcia ulloa
PhD 2017 (co-advise with Prof. Sunderam)
First/Current: Keysight Technologies
Jinfei Liu
PhD 2017
First: Postdoc at Emory and Georgia Tech

Layla Layla Pournajaf
PhD 2017 (co-advise with Prof. Sunderam)
First/Current: Facebook

Yonghui Xiao
PhD 2017
First/Current: Google

Haoran Li
PhD 2016
First: eBay
Current: LinkedIn
Michael Solomon
PhD 2016 (co-advise with Prof. Sunderam)
Associate Professor, University of the Cumberlands
Xiaofeng Xiaofeng Xu
PhD 2016 (co-advise with Prof. Sunderam)
First/Current: Facebook
Luca Luca Bonomi
PhD 2015
First/Current: Postdoc at UCSD
Liyue Liyue Fan
PhD 2014
First: Postdoctoral fellow at USC
Current: Assistant Professor at University of North Carolina at Charlotte
Slawomir Goryczka
PhD 2014
First/Current: Google
James Gardner
PhD 2012
First: Digital Reasoning
Current: Director of Data & Analytics at KPMG
Pawel Jurczyk
PhD 2010
First/Current: Google

MS/BS Alumni and Past Visitors

Zhangyi Pan (honor thesis 2020), Columbia University graudate program
Sen Zhao, postdoctoral researcher 2018-2019
Yuzhang Guo (honor thesis 2019), Cornell University graduate program
Jining Zhao (visiting PhD student, University of Electronic Science and Technology of China, 2016-2018)
Juncheng Jason Yang, research assistant 2017, Emory
Ardavan Afshar, research assistant 2017, currently PhD student at Georgia Tech
Si Zhang, visiting scholar 2016-2017, currently PhD student at University of Calgary
Ilya Shats (Honor thesis 2016), EPIC
Shengzhi Xu (visiting PhD student, Beijing University of Post and Communictions, 2014-2015)
Lifan Zhang (BS/MS, Emory)
Andrew McLeod (Honor thesis 2013, Emory), University of Edinburgh 
Hitaxi Kalaria (DREU, Rutgers University, summer 2010)
Courtney Beach (DREU, Albany State University, summer 2010)
Haiyan Kang (visiting scholar, Beijing Information Science & Technology University, 2009-2010)
Yun Zhu (MS 2010, PhD program at Georgia State University)
Pu Shi (MS 2009, Google)
Matthew Hausknecht (Honor thesis, 2009, co-advise with Prof. Agichtein, PhD program at University of Texas at Austin)
Christopher Verdery (Honor thesis, 2008, PhD program at Texas A&M)
Akanksha Srivastav (MS 2008, co-advise with Prof. James Lu, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan)
Kumudhavalli Rangachari (MS 2007,
Lin Liu (MS 2007, co-advise with Prof. James Lu, PhD program at University of Southern California)
Christopher LaRosa (MS 2006, co-advise with Prof. Ken Mandelburg, Google)