CS 377 - Database Systems
Homework 1: ER Modeling for
Emory College Database


Out: Thursday, September 1

Due: Thursday, September 8, 11:59pm


Consider the following facts about the Emory College and design a database for it using ER model.

  1. The Emory College consists of a number of Departments (MathCS, Physics, etc)
  2. A department has a unique name, address, phone number and can have a number of faculty members.
  3. A faculty member has SSN, name, office, phone number and salary
  4. A department has one department chair with a starting date
  5. A department can teach a number of courses
  6. A course has a unique ID, a course name and a description
  7. A semester has an ID (e.g., F11, S11, etc), a start date and an end date.
  8. A number of sections of a course are offered in a semester and a section will be taught by one faculty member.
  9. Not every course will be offered in a semester and some courses may have multiple offerings (multiple sections of the course).
  10. A student has an ID, name and address
  11. A student can enroll in one section of some course.
  12. A student can enroll in multiple sections in one semester.
    (Clarification: multiple sections of different courses - but you don't have to represent this fact in the ER diagram because it is not easy to do.)






·         Please submit your homework as a PDF file.  You can draw your ER diagram on paper and scan it or create it on computer and convert it to PDF.  

·         Please place your PDF file in your cs377 directory as ~/cs377/hw1/hw1.pdf