CS 377 - Database Systems
Course Project


Project Proposal Due: Tuesday, October 18, 11:59pm

Project Presentation and Demonstration: Tuesday, December 6 in class

Final Project Report and Deliverables Due: Tuesday, December 13, 11:59pm

Build a JDBC application or PHP web application for a database of your own choice!  You can work as a team of up to 2 students.


You will need to design the database, define the database, load the (test) data, design the GUI interface, and design the functionalities (the queries it supports)!  The GUI should have at least an input area/page that allows users to specify some search conditions and an output area/page that displays the search results in a formatted manner.  You can get creative on everything!  You are welcome to discuss with me about your ideas and progress anytime. 


The project will be graded visually and mainly on functionality - by running it and see what works and what does not.

o    10% project proposal

o    30% database design and creation

o    45% basic functionalities including reading inputs, executing queries, and displaying results correctly

o    5% completeness and versatility of the functionalities

o    5% GUI design

o    5% project presentation and demo

o    extra 5% creativity and exceptional efforts

Project Milestones

1.      A 1-2 page project proposal (due Tuesday, October 18, 11:59pm) that contains:

o    Motivation and objectives – briefly outline the objective and the application that you are trying build

o    Proposed application – this could include a rough database design, GUI design, the proposed functionalities of your application, and some sample queries your system will support.

o    Plan of action – indicate what resources you will need for the project and how you plan to get them such as software, hardware, platform considerations, and sources of the data if applicable. Outline a weekly schedule of how progress will be made on the project

·         Project presentation and demonstration (in class, Tuesday, December 6). You will give a presentation and a demonstration of your application, highlighting the design, the coolest features or queries of your application, and anything you have learned in the project

·         Project deliverables (due Tuesday, December 13, 11:59pm) that include Java or PHP source code with proper comments, SQL scripts, and a readme file on how to run and test your program

·         Project report (in PDF) (due Tuesday, December 13, 11:59pm) that contains:

o    Motivation and objectives

o    Description of your application.  This include the detailed database design (ER diagram and relational model), functionalities of your application, architecture and functional components of your system if applicable

o    Discussion of (a) what concepts and techniques you learned in class are used in the project, and (b) what you have learned through doing this project

o    Potential extensions of your application if applicable


Please place your project proposal, report, and source code in your project directory ~/cs377/project.