CS554 Database Systems

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There will be an individual final course project. You are expected to select or propose your own project from a list of options below. You are welcome and encouraged to discuss with the instructor on your project ideas, plans and progress throughout the semester. Specific project ideas will also be discussed in class, typically after each major topic is covered.

Project Options (not exhaustive)

         Implementing a simple database such as storage manager + a simple query engine (sample project design)

         Extension of an open-source DB software package such as tinySQL (java, primitive and simple)

         Open-ended research projects

1.      Evaluating and comparing a set of techniques for a specific domain and workload.

2.      Applying/adapting DB techniques or designing novel techniques for new domains and applications such as peer-to-peer data management, medical data management, data privacy, etc.

3.      Survey or classification of existing work on an advanced topic

Project Deliverables

1.      Project proposal (due November 9). I expect a 2-3 page proposal that contains the following contents (not all of them apply depending on what kind of project you choose):

o        Motivation and objectives – outline the problems that you are investigating and your goals.

o        Related work - review existing work that is related to your proposal and provide references to them.

o        Proposed work – outline what you will do in the project.

o        Plan of action – indicate what resources (software, hardware, platform considerations) you will need for the project and how you plan to get them. Outline a weekly schedule of how progress will be made on the project.

o        Evaluation – indicate evaluation/testing considerations and the methods you may use to validate your result.

o        Bibliography

2.      In-class project presentation. You are required to give a presentation of your project and a demo if applicable, highlighting the problems you are solving, your approach, contributions and results. I will put up a sign-up sheet later for the presentation slot.

3.      Project report (due December 15). I expect a 10-12 page report that contains the following contents (again not all of them may apply):

o        Motivation and objectives

o        Related work

o        Problems statement and your contributions

o        Approach/solutions you developed and results you obtained

o        Architecture and functional components of your prototype system if applicable

o        Validation or evaluation of your system

o        Summarize (a) what you have learned through doing this project, (b) what concepts and techniques you learned in class are used in the project design

o        Potential extensions and future work

4.      Source code, code documentation and executable package if applicable (due with project report).