CS 573 Data Privacy and Security, Fall 2016

Lecture: MW 10-11:15am MSC W301

Web: http://www.mathcs.emory.edu/~lxiong/cs573_f16
Mailing List: CS573000-list@mathcs.emory.edu

Instructor: Li Xiong (lxiong@emory.edu)
Office Hours: MW 11:15-12:15pm at MSC E412 or by appointment

Co-Instructor: Yousef Elmehdwi (yousef.elmehdwi@emory.edu)
Office Hours: MW 3:15-4:15pm at MSC N426 or by appointment


This course will introduce students to the computational technologies for ensuring data privacy and security while allowing organizations to collect, store, analyze, and share person-specific or confidential data for many worthy purposes. The main topics include data anonynimization and statistical privacy (differential privacy), privacy preserving data mining, location privacy, private information retrieval, secure data outsourcing, secure multi-party computations, and access control. The foundations are drawn from a number of sub-disciplines of Computer Science including: database systems, data mining, algorithms, and computer security.


There are no required textbooks. The class is based on recent research papers and selected book chapters.


Familiarity with a programming language and basic knowledge in algorithms, database systems or data mining are required.


There will be reading assignments, paper presentations, and programming assignments. For reading assignments, you will read papers and submit a written review. You are expected to present at least one paper in class. For programming assignments, you will be implementing existing privacy preserving or secure algorithms.


There will be one midterm exam and no final exam.


The course includes a substantial course project. Different project ideas and options will be discussed and posted. Project deliverables include project proposal, in-class project presentation, project report, source code and executable package if applicable.


Component Weight

Assignments and presentations40
Score Grade

93-100 A
90-92.9 A-
87-89.9 B+
83-869 B
80-82.9 B-
Enjoy yourself and good luck!