For the course project, you are expected to select or propose your own project from the options below. You can work as a team of up to 2. You are encouraged to discuss with the instructor on your project ideas, plans and progress throughout the project period.

Project options

1. Implementing and/or comparing a set of existing privacy/security algorithms on a specific problem domain.
2. Open ended research project (you may get your own project ideas from the lecture notes, papers, the assignments, or any papers you have read on your own. You are also welcome to discuss with the instructor on potential project ideas).

Grading Guidelines

Project Proposal

Deadline: 10/17, 11:59pm
The proposal should be roughly 2-3 pages (in PDF) and contain the following content (when applicable).  IĄŻll provide you with feedback and suggestions within a week.

In-Class Project Presentation

Dates: 11/28, 11/30, 12/5
The presentation and the demo (if applicable) should highlight the problems you are solving, your approach, contributions and (preliminary) results you have obtained so far. Please plan for about 15 minutes for the presentation including questions/discussions. The presentation schedule will be determined by the project topics. 

Project Report and Deliverables

Deadline: 12/17, 11:59pm
1. The project report should be roughly 5-6 pages (in PDF) and contain the following content (when applicable):

2. The project deliverables should be submitted as a tar or zip file and should contain your source code, the executable, a readme file explaining how to compile/run your program, and any dataset you have used in your project, if applicable.