CS584: Topics in Computer Science - Big Data Analytics, Spring 2014

Meeting time: TuTh 1-2:15pm MSC W304

Web: http://www.mathcs.emory.edu/~CS584000
Mailing List: CS584000-list@mathcs.emory.edu

Instructor/Coordinator: Li Xiong (lxiong@mathcs.emory.edu)
Office Hours: TuTh 2:15-4pm at MSC E412 or by appointment


This course is a seminar course where we will read papers on emerging topics in data and information management. This semester's theme is big data analytics. The main topics include: spatio-temporal data analytics, time series and stream data analytics, social networks and recommendation services, crowdsourcing based analytics, and genetic data analytics.


The readings are recent papers from database and data mining conferences as well as general computing journals.


Familiarity with fundamentals of database systems and data mining.


There will be reading assignments, paper presentations, and a term paper. For reading assignments, you will read papers and submit a 1-page review (roughly) every week. You are expected to present ~3 papers in class. For term paper, you will construct a reading list for a topic of your choice, read the papers, and write a 5-10 page survey.


Component Weight

Paper reviews50
Paper presentations20
Class discussion10
Term paper20
Score Grade

93-100 A
90-92.9 A-
87-89.9 B+
83-869 B
80-82.9 B-
Happy reading!