The following schedule will be updated as we progress.

Week # Date Readings and Slides Presenter
Week 1 01/14 Introduction
01/16 Gong Show
Week 2 01/21
  • Data Management Challenges in Next Generation Sequencing
  • MapReduce
Week 3 01/28 Snow Day!
01/30 Snow Day!
Week 4 02/04 Spatio-temporal data analytics
  • Overview
  • Towards Mobility-based clustering
  • Discovering Popular Routes from Trajectories
  • Profiling Moving Objects by Dividing and Clustering Trajectories Spatiotemporally
Week 5 02/11 Snow day!
02/13 Snow day!
Week 6 02/18
  • PutMode: prediction of uncertain trajectories in moving objects databases
  • Destination Prediction by Sub-Trajectory Synthesis and Privacy Protection Against Such Prediction
  • Spatiotemporal Periodical Pattern Mining in Traffic Data
  • Forecasting Spatiotemporal Impact of Traffic Incidents on Road Networks
Week 7 02/25
  • An Overview of MapD (MAssively Parallel Database)
  • Nanocubes: Fast Visualization of Large Spatiotemporal Datasets
  • A Visual Analytics Approach to Understanding Spatiotemporal Hotspots
02/27 Mobility, Social Networks, and Recommendations
  • Overview
  • Collaborative Location and Activity Recommendations with GPS History Data
  • Location-based and Preference-Aware Recommendation Using Sparse Geo-Social Networking Data
Week 8 03/04
  • Friendship and Mobility: User Movement In Location-Based Social Networks
  • Human Mobility, Social Ties, and Link Prediction
  • On Social Networks and Collaborative Recommendation
  • Mining Large Streams of User Data for Personalized Recommendations
Week 9 Spring break - have fun!
Week 10 03/18 Time-series analytics
  • Time series data mining (Overview)
  • Predicting the Future With Social Media
03/20 Time-series analytics - Classification
  • Towards Never-Ending Learning from Time Series Streams
  • DTW-D: Time Series Semi-Supervised Learning from a Single Example
Week 11 03/25 Crowdsourced Analytics
  • CrowdForge: Crowdsourcing Complex Work
  • Strategies for Crowdsourcing Social Data Analysis
03/27 Working on project proposal
Week 12 04/01
  • CDAS: A Crowdsourcing Data Analytics System
  • Information Extraction and Manipulation Threats in Crowd-Powered Systems
04/03 Genome data analytics
  • Basic Local Alignment Search Tool
  • Compressed suffix tree—a basis for genome-scale sequence analysis
Week 13 04/08
  • Computational solutions to large-scale data management and analysis
  • The Genome Analysis Toolkit: A MapReduce framework for analyzing next-generation DNA sequencing data
Week 14 04/15
  • Understanding MapReduce-based Next-Generation Sequencing Alignment on Distributed Cyberinfrastructure
  • A Map-Reduce Framework for Clustering Metagenomes
04/17 Project Workshop: Spatio-temporal and multidimentional data analytics
  • An experimental survey on spatio-temporal destination prediction, Layla and Jiulin
  • Spatiotemporal “Pico”-cube data storage and querying framework for pattern mining and visualization, Hoang
  • Indexing multidimensional uncertain data: a survey, Xiaofeng
  • A survey on skyline computation, Jinfei
Week 15 04/22 Project Workshop: Social network predictive analytics, recommendations
  • Survey on predictions using twitter, Daniel
  • Location inference: An experimental survey, Lifan and Xin
  • Using the wisdom of the crowd in twitter data to predict stock movements, John
  • A survey on recommendation systems, Man
  • location recommendations in location based social networks: an experimental survey, Wenpei
04/24 Project Workshop: crowdsourcing, analytics case studies, data pricing
  • Survey on the Amazon Mechanical Turk as an example of crowdsourcing tool, Tomasz
  • A survey on big data analytics for network security, Thomas
  • Is working healthy: a case study, Pawan
  • Pricing private data in multiple datasets, Haoran